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ZZZ (triple Z)


ZZZ (pronounced Triple Z) is a new, up-and-coming, boutique cosmetic brand. They have been working on their first range of products, a collection of creams and mist sprays to aid a restful night’s sleep.

In their brief, they already had the logo, the primary typeface, and a finalised colour palette and were looking for a designer to create a range of illustrative patterns, adding their own flare.

Starting in Procreate and then moving into illustrator, I created a pattern following the loose and playful look of the logo, using a contrasting night-and-day base colour aiming to generate a positive energetic morning feeling that will resonate with the product's users. The result is a super fun, vibrant, playful and modern design which should stand out on a crowded shelf and work well across web and social media.

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