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Re-branding & Icon set

Hyvita is an established, UK based horticultural charity dedicated to helping young people who work in horticulture, and their families when times get tough. They provide support, guidance and advice along with financial assistance to those struggling in the industry.

Their brief's objective was to create a new brand identity and a set of 8 custom icons to help with their marketing and communications both in print and digitally

They wanted their new brand to be modern, inclusive and eye catching, with some reference to the natural tones found in horticulture and gardens, as well as the icon's set that should be modern, minimal and of course inspired by horticulture and gardening.

Without a given specific style and illustrative direction, I chose a modern and clean approach for both logo and icons, to portray gardening and horticulture in its simplest form. I developed a leave-shaped logo mark that could be used alone as well as together with the brand's name, and I implemented it into the icon set tounify the overall look and I selected a limited but bold, eye catching colour palette inspired by natural tones.

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