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Head Office graphics

Series of three separate illustration projects commissioned by Ted Baker creative team:

1) Townhouse illustration for Ted Baker make up launch event

2) Give away coaster's design

3) Caricatures of Peter Crouch as new testimonial for Ted Baker 'T for Tall' campaign.

1) Digital illustration of Covent Garden's Townhouse, London's beauty hub where Ted Baker launched its new cosmetic collection on January 2020.

This illustration was created digitally on Procreate and has been used to complement their official event invitation (and welcome rug).

2) Goldfish has been Ted Baker's emblem for nearly 30 years; I was commissioned this coasters' design for their Head office in Kings Cross as "not-ordinary" cute freebie to its new employees.

The illustration was realized with pen and paper and Photoshop.

The final GIF shows it's layering process.

3) Peter Crouch, together with Mark Fosters, became the new testimonial for Ted Baker new 'T for Tall' mens clothing campaign in 2019.

I had been asked to create some caricatures as hilarious addition to their instagram posts. Hand drawn black ink pen caricatures. 

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