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Logo refresh & label design

Gramos is a family-run speciality coffee business based in London, who's main focus is to transmit its passion for beans to the customers, allowing them to enjoy a better coffee experience. Being forced to reinvent themselves because of Covid lockdowns (from coffee bar to coffee roastery), they took this opportunity to refresh their logo and create a more defined brand personality.

In their briefing, they expressed the desire for eye-catching visual designs that would reflect their brand personality: fun, fresh, modern, professional and inclusive.

For the logo, I chose a very soft and rounded serif font to amplify the brand friendly approach, without compromising its professional appearance. I then simplified and moved the lily from the 'o' to the initial 'g', so it could be used as a stand-alone logo.

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Regarding the label design, I found inspiration in South America's bright colours and patterns, focussing in particular on traditional textile colours from Bolivia's, which happens to be the country of origin of one of Gramos' founders.

I created different colour gradients and specific patterns for each country, to make the packaging eye-catching for their customers, and I reproduced the same design on cards to be placed inside the packaging (they are meant to help customers remember all details of their beans after they throw away the packaging).

It is worth noting that all the packaging components are plastic free!

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