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Logo refresh
Label design
Wallpaper design 

Gramos is a family-run, specialty-coffee café and roastery based in London, Kings Cross. I had the pleasure of working with them on a few different projects, initially starting with their logo refresh. Co-founders Rodolfo and Charlotte wanted it to reflect their brand personality: fun, fresh, professional, and inclusive.

We chose a smoother serif font (Moranga) to communicate their expertise and professionalism but with a good amount of fun and humbleness, given also by the lower 'g', maintained and upgraded from the previous logo.


Subsequently, I was tasked to create their bean bag's label design. I found inspiration in modern, flowery coffee labels, to focus the attention on the sustainability of the product and the package (all the packaging components are plastic-free!). Because the labels are relatively small, we developed a minimal design and focussed on the gradient colour to differentiate each batch.


At last, I was commissioned to design two wallpapers (one internal, the other external) for their coffee shop in London's Kings Cross tube station. For the internal one, they asked me to represent the coffee journey from plant to cup, so I created a smooth transition adding their logomark as the final stop and implementing all with a 'latte' inspired palette.

On the external one, instead, we had to follow Kings Cross Station's strict guidelines so we created a simpler design with their logo and tagline, but we decided to also add a hand and cup illustration to give it a more human touch.

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